Monday, January 16, 2012

Join the 500 Blog-Raiser Challenge

Welcome to the “500 Blog-Raiser Challenge”!
Hello. I am an artist, author and human rights advocate in San Diego, CA and I need YOUR WORDS. My book, I Am More Than Just a Girl, is to encourage girls and young women to make healthy decisions that will empower them to have a life filled with confidence, the ability to defend themselves both with words and actions and a compassionate acceptance of others. This book means a lot to me and is part of a project I have been working on since my teenage years.
With your help on this blog-raiser, young girls and parents can learn about the book and read it for free online. You will not be asked to give any money.
We need journalists and everyday writers to blog about the book so more young women can learn about it. 500 blog posts is no easy feat. I need your help to make this happen. I am not asking for money, only a small amount of your time to write a blog post or ask a blog you like if they will support this book.
In appreciation of your support, I will give you an eBook when you refer someone who writes a blog post.
For everyone who blogs about the book they will receive an honorary blog post on the Impower You blog and a link on the More Than a Girl website.

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